June 23, 2003
DWI TournaMix 4...

Yeah, played that for a bit... my PA is sucky as ever, even on keyboard.

Yet more small site updates - the calendar links now jump to the most recent entry of the day when you click on one. This site template was clearly designed with individual archive pages in mind, instead of my monthly archive format...

I do intend to add more sections, and add the sidebar thing to all the pages. I'm debating whether or not the calendar should be on all pages, though. Also debating whether I should make the site primarily SSI, or if I should let Movable Type re-write each page every time I update.

I haven't received any comments for the About Me page, either here or at LJ... =P

Also, I'm experimenting with a Search function. I could have added the form months ago, but I'm lazy...

Posted at 06:09 AM
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