June 24, 2003
More time-wasters...

Got Rez in the mail today, and immediately checked it for rippable data. Doesn't seem to be any - according to the TOC, the disc is amazingly small (~200mb), and if this is to be believed, the whole of the game is packed into one file - only other files are the software drivers. The game shows an ADX logo as it boots, but ADX tools fail to find anything usable in that single file.

While Googling for possible answers, I came across this game - I'm not sure how I got quite that far off-track, but that's one of the best freeware shooters I've ever seen. Make sure to check it out =P

Need to mow the lawn, then continue timing. I keep missing my self-imposed deadlines, and I've already missed ADV's, so this isn't boding well, especially since I -NEED- to finish completely before leaving for AX. I'm going to need to work non-stop overnight, probably. At least mowing the lawn today means I get time to work on it more before I have to be at Suncoast.

Posted at 05:55 PM
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