January 31, 2003
GOD is for sale!...

[14:26] <bludstone|work> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=16710&item=2909580026 <- best. ebay. auction. ever.

In other silliness...

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

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Nav banner...

Like it? It's pretty much a complete hack, and only appears on the front page so far, but at least now there's some navigation on the page finally. I don't have any static content defined yet, though... so the About Me page just reroutes to the main page. Eventually, I plan to have the nav banner on every page of the website... though the site will probably go through a complete re-design before then. It's still using a palette-swapped version of MT's default templates. ^^;

The computer somehow rebooted last night (my IRC quit message was abnormal, so either there was a power failure or someone crashed it) - and my Azumanga ep2 SVCD encode got cut off at the 21 minute mark -_- Going to try to encode the part it didn't get to and see if I can merge them together.

But now, need to work on ADV project... I promised I'd finish the first of three movies today, and that I will... Later, I'll go to the bank to deposit paycheck, then go to anime club. Probably won't go to XP Lasersport this week.

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January 30, 2003
Lukewarm clam chowder...

And that's probably all I'm going to be able to eat today. I have a few minutes until I have to start getting ready for work.

Not much happened today - actually made it to both my classes today. During the half hour between the two, I spent 20 mins in line at the bookstore. -_-

Tomorrow's the first club session of the new semester (even though we haven't gotten anything back on our room request, so this is temporary though it's assumed we'll get the same rooms in Humanities building again), and I've been SVCD encoding the two Kingdom Hearts special secret videos (including "deep dive" from Final Mix) and Azumanga episode 1. They should get a kick out of that tomorrow, assuming someone remembers to bring something that can play SVCD. ^^;

I'm about half done with the first of three movies on the ADV project... dammit, I wanted to have this done before class started -_- Well, I'll finish tomorrow before I go to club...

I really have to go to Suncoast though... I've been consistently late on Thursday for some reason (and only that day) and I'll get written up if I'm late one more time... *waves*

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January 29, 2003
Beatmania == ROFL...

Playing Beatmania 2nd/3rd is incredibly funny, especially after having played IIDX ^^;

Yesterday, didn't make it to the morning class... parking hell as usual, ended up arrivinng when over half the class was already over, so there was no point going. Went to the student lounge, and read some of KareKano manga 1. Went to management class - where half the class walking in was immediately branded as late. The clock wasn't even at 12:30 yet, either... I think the clock was slow, but the professor's watch was fast.

In any case, ended up going to CP after that was done with, since I had time before my night class. Played a little DDR, but it was far too slippery to properly play it -_- SC2 was giving me a hard time, too... at least I got my char's power stat so high that she's nearly unbeatable in her attack rate. ^^;

After class, I went to the computer labs, and had the bad idea you saw yesterday - I decided it would make our group project easier, since we only met once a week. Anyways. went home, Banner of the Stars 1 was waiting for me ^^ Watched that, then went to sleep.

Today, woke up for class, kind of... took a shower, and... was too sleepy to make out out of the basement -_- Ended up sleeping more, thus missing my class today -_- Anyways, didn't do a whole lot, except for now, that I'm at Dave's place for our "Bemani Night" even though PPP is the only modern Bemani we have here ^^;

Food's here~ Now I can eat my bacon cheeseburger without the cheese... ^^;

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January 28, 2003

In the middle of class today, I came up with a bad idea that I should have forums on the site, mostly because this class requires a group project, and the class meets once a week, so we need some form of communication, and I didn't like the idea of having emails flying back and forth to each other, so...

StarCreator.com Forums

I think I'm going to live to regret this ^^;

BIG thanks to raziel for helping me set this up. ^^

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January 27, 2003
Ugh, morning classes...

Well, managed to get up for my morning class. Except I was still late, because I had a severe case of I-need-to-use-the-toilet-badly -_- Always at the worst times, too -_- Didn't miss much though - all he did was go over the class syllabus and give out the sheet for the first project, which we need to have done next week. I'll look over it later. Right now, I want to make more headway into the long-overdue ADV project.

Anyways... yesterday, Patty picked me up around 3pm to go to Chris's... we end up only spending 2 or so hours there, just playing IIDX o.O I got a -little- better, maybe... can do some 3 star songs on Light7, and I'm a -little- closer to passing V on Beginner -_- I WILL pass that song... just need another week or so to practice ^^;

Got home, watched Alias. Screwy. o.O Went to bed, saw that Mononoke-hime was gonna start on Starz, set it to sleep and fell asleep a little before Mononoke assaults the town. So, sleep tried to escape me again -_-

Today, after class, hung around waiting for Patty's classes to end, then we headed back here to watch Mahoro DVD1 ^^ She left to do her workout stuff about an hour and a half ago...

Anyways, that's about it for now... tomorrow, I start my Management class... that'll be interesting... plus, the night class is tomorrow... almost forgot o.O I'd better finish this thing today, or at least get close to finishing...

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January 26, 2003
The Daikenkai Translation Project!...

[01:25] * StarCreator ponders playing daikenkai on dwi again
[01:25] <StarCreator> it's siwwy
[01:25] <Ceres> NOOOOOOOOO
[01:25] <miyu-anime> kaitentou kara nai gengo!
[01:26] <Ceres> the only reason I would want to play daikenkai
[01:26] <Ceres> is on pop'n'music
[01:26] <StarCreator> I could think of wacko freestyle ideas for daikenkai
[01:26] <miyu-anime> kaitentou kara nai gengo HAITENSHON to katai tenpo
[01:26] <miyu-anime> I sendou suru JAIKEN go kara daikenkai senpou
[01:26] <StarCreator> you actually UNDERSTAND daikenkai?
[01:26] <miyu-anime> sanjuugo PURASU yon waru ni sura hajikenu KONPAzukitachi ni
[01:26] <miyu-anime> assari donkaku ni nejikomu sabaketa ongakuki wa
[01:26] <miyu-anime> dokkara dokomade ka wakaran? ga oto waketa wake da
[01:26] <miyu-anime> doitsu to koitsu no shabekuri ga, tarashita asefuki na
[01:26] <miyu-anime> i looked up the lyrics ;p
[01:27] <Ceres> lol
[01:27] <Ceres> purasu?
[01:27] <miyu-anime> plus
[01:27] <miyu-anime> 35+4/2
[01:27] <Ceres> haitenshon?
[01:27] <miyu-anime> high tension
[01:27] <miyu-anime> here
[01:27] <StarCreator> wtf
[01:27] <Ceres> high tension?
[01:27] <miyu-anime> Nonsense language from a rotating head, high tension and a firm beat.
[01:27] <miyu-anime> From a 5-match janken match I guide comes tactics for big opinions.
[01:27] <miyu-anime>
[01:27] <miyu-anime> 35 plus 4 divided by 2, the partygoers who don't burst open don't know,
[01:27] <miyu-anime> This sociable sound demon screwing into an obtuse angle easily,
[01:27] <StarCreator> do these lyrics make SENSE?
[01:27] <miyu-anime> They dunno where from or where to, but anyway he divided the sound.
[01:27] <miyu-anime> Everyone's winding chatter is a dangling handkerchief.
[01:27] <Ceres> oh c00l
[01:28] <StarCreator> is that babelfish?
[01:28] <miyu-anime> no
[01:28] <miyu-anime> that is ME TRYING TO MAKE SENSE OF IT
[01:28] <Ceres> lol
[01:28] <miyu-anime> because WTF
[01:28] <Ceres> wtf
[01:28] <miyu-anime> that is seriously what it is saying :p
[01:28] <Ceres> no kidding
[01:28] <Ceres> that's like freakin crazy crap
[01:29] <Ceres> I like the last line
[01:29] <miyu-anime> yeah -_-
[01:30] <Ceres> you should write lyrics to innovation
[01:30] <miyu-anime> no way
[01:30] <miyu-anime> forget that]
[01:30] <Ceres> lol
[01:30] <Ceres> daikenkai is like a million times better than innovation
[01:30] <miyu-anime> miss ignore wascy
[01:30] <miyu-anime> yes
[01:30] <miyu-anime> a million
[01:30] <miyu-anime> see
[01:31] <miyu-anime> every other ddr song--------------------------------daikenkai----------------------------------------------------------------L/R--------innovation
[01:31] <miyu-anime> that's the scale of goodness
[01:31] <Ceres> l/r?
[01:31] <miyu-anime> haha nm ;p

(miyu-anime == Jasconius)

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January 25, 2003
Mahoro wuv~...

I got Mahoromatic DVD1! ^^

Also picked up the new Newtype (waaai, Sugar postcards~) and DiGiCharat manga vol1 from Waldenbooks o.O I didn't even know Viz had licensed that. Well, that'll be an interesting read o.O

I'm up to probably the 25% point of the ADV project I'm working on - I was supposed to be done over two months ago, I think -_- And I have two more projects to hustle it on after that...

On the upside, it looks like my first project I did for them, Princess Blade, is coming into THEATRES in March. Wow...

Probably going to head to SF area tomorrow... gotta call Patty and see what we can arrange... maybe I'll have to get her to come here to pick me up, I dunno... but I wanna watch Mahoro at Chris's place =P

Oh yeah... Calvin almost burned the store down today... XD

He put his french fries in the microwave (complete with paper cup and paper bag) and set it to "hold warm", then went to the bathroom. When he left the bathroom, there was a strong smell of smoke, and everything that he had put in the microwave was on fire =P He got rid of the mess after waiting for it to burn out, but the back room still smells... just remember not to put oily paper in the microwave, it WILL catch fire =P Though if you really wanna see a light show, put aluminum foil in it... =P

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January 24, 2003
Wow... a night class...

MC's Comp Sci department just called me up - apparently, the section of CS 136 I was signed up for got cancelled, and they had to move me to another section. The only remaining daytime section conflicted with MG 101, so I had to take a night class, on Tuesdays at 6:30 to 9:10. Well, at least I don't have to get up for a 9am class anymore. This also means I have to take Tuesdays off of work... though Suncoast seems to have settled on a Thursday and Saturday schedule for me.

I also just preordered FLCL DVD2 from AnimeGamers.com. Yay for shotglasses. =P

Gonna eat and try to -finish- the ADV project... though it's probably not happening -_-

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January 23, 2003

Well, the court date for the events of Jan. 2 has arrived... I have until late March to prepare my defense. Yay. -_-

Pretty bland day today... watched two eps of Fruits Basket when I woke up, went downstairs, got the timing stuff ready but ended up not getting far at all -_- And I'm targetting to be finished by tomorrow... I suppose tomorrow'll be it, if we're not snowed in -_-

I think I'm sick of snow now. And the insanely cold weather. -_-

On another note... new avatar! Kikuchi Yume from Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto. ^^

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January 22, 2003
DVD wuv...

I really need to start getting up at a normal hour - the way my schedule works, I'm not getting nearly enough computer time to finish my ADV projects - and I really wanted to be done with at least one of three of them by the end of this week, and it looks like I won't get a chance to work on it until Friday -_-

Went to Suncoast today, since I really had to get out of the house. I saw Mahoromatic DVD1 and X TV DVD3 in the back room but I wasn't allowed to pick them up -_- I'm also kinda annoyed that TRSI hasn't shipped me my Banner of the Stars DVD1 yet - I've been able to get that since a week ago at Suncoast -_- I ended up picking up Fruits Basket DVD2 and Love Hina manga 8. I want more Wish, though ;_; And someone needs to find me a copy of CCS manga 7 (Master of the Clow 1) with the Sakura card -_-

Anyways, let's see how much work I can get done before bro gets home...

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January 21, 2003
What the hell?...

It's snowing.


And I'm still awake.

And there's a close-up shot of Donald Duck's neck on my TV.

What the hell?

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Over 9999 Heartless defeated...

In any case, I made a new LiveJournal account, for the sole purpose of having a Friends list... thanks to Tempy for the reg code. You can see my Friends List here.

That's about it for now, I think... had steak, ate it, took a nap, played more Kingdom Hearts - now my Expert save also has max experience, proving that I need either of the Japanese versions now. =P

I've also been reading Tsunami Channel for most of today - an online dating sim turned webcomic... good stuff...

I still have a pile of new manga to read too ^^; I actually picked up Wish 1 and Planet Ladder 2 on Saturday... still no luck locating a CCS 6 with Sakura card, though -_-

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January 20, 2003
Sleep good...

Woo... for the first time in 3 days, I'm actually well-rested ^^; Too bad I probably won't be able to sleep until like 3am...

Interesting thought about yesterday - while I do 80-90 in a 55 zone on MD/VA freeways without hesitation, we were damned scared to do more than 70 in a 65 zone on NJ highways. We also saw 3-4 people pulled over on the way up, presumably for speeding, and we saw at least 5 cars waiting with radar guns at full blast. This is in contrast to here, where I see people pulled over maybe twice a MONTH, and I -never- see more than three speed traps a year. Something's wacky about NJ highways...

Also, an annoying deal with which car we took - despite all common sense, we were forced by Patty's dad to take the Volvo up, because they had just purchased Patty's Camry and he didn't know if it could make the trip. The Volvo is in far worse shape than the Camry, and the Camry has less mileage, better aerodynamics (wind batters the Volvo around like hell on interstates), and a working sound system -_- The Volvo has been in the shop for most of the end of last year, all due to engine oil related problems. (Meaning, stop the car and it stalls out.) Oh well, at least we got there...

Didn't do much today... though there isn't much to do when you wake up at 3:30. o.O Also need to gather contact info, especially for Sarah (I think that's her name o.O) from PA... cjk from NY found me already tho ^^; Hopefully I'll get another chance to see everyone again. Though it's not like anyone knows who I am =P

Hmm... apparently, today's dinner is oven-baked steak o.O

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Weekend of no sleep...

Yep. A total of 7 hours of sleep across that ENTIRE weekend. And I'm still up. =P

As planned, I stayed overnight at Patty's house Saturday night so that we could leave to go to 8otB from there in the morning. Before that, I met up with Patty, Daniel, and Faith at Borders in White Flint... we ended up just going to Patty's house when they went into Dave and Busters ^^;

I got about 1.5 hours of sleep at Patty's before her cat woke me up at 4am, then I never got back to sleep. D'oh -_- Patty got a little more sleep than that (about 3 hours I assume) so she drove the way up. I tried to get sleep in the car, but didn't succeed at all.

We did stop at a service area on the way, for food... and Tetris o.O ( Yes, we drove all the way up to NJ just to play for half an hour on an old Tetris arcade cab. =P ) Also, we did a souvenir penny thing - we decided to get one that portrayed a cityscape of New York, later realizing that it was a "World Trade Center" design o.O Oops ^^; And Roy's wouldn't serve us anything except breakfast croissants (and all with cheese!) even though the menu says hamburgers can be ordered 24 hours a day. So we ended up just getting two orders of hash browns.

We still made great time, even with the big delay at the rest stop - and it was great finally seeing the place after hearing so much about it. Though I never got to play on Extreme outside of the Single Heavy tourney ^^; My typical tournament performance continued here (I have a VERY long running streak of not qualifying for any tournament I sign up for) - was 9th or 10th place in doubles when the top 8 scorers advanced. Singles was even more embarrasing - no qualifiers, but for the first round, I get matched up against Javy. Pfft. =P Our set was Dead End (his choice), Gentle Stress (my choice), and Hyper Eurobeat on shuffle. Actually managed to full combo Hyper Eurobeat, despite never playing it before, but with too many greats -_-

Suffice it to say, double elimination and two straight losses. Food was good, though ^^

The timetable for the tournament was kinda interesting - we got there at around noon and registered, and at 1pm, improv freestyle started on Extreme while doubles tech started on 5th. Doubles tech went on longer than improv, which lasted pretty long itself... probably around 3:30 or 4, singles heavy tech started on Extreme, and lasted for god knows how long o.O (We left at 1am and it was STILL running, with the routine freestyles waiting for the tourney's completion!)

Other than failing miserably in the tournaments, played a little PPP (finally passed Dynamite Rave euro on Expert Another as final stage on an arcade cab!), SC2, and Beatmania 6th Mix UK Underground o.O Great place, great to see a lot of people again, and many people I met for the first time (you guys better AIM me or something ^^)... I'd go more often if it didn't take 4 hours to get there ^^;

Anyways, at 1am, we finally took our leave - the original plan was to stay overnight, but Patty's dad said no, so it didn't happen, and we had to drive back -_- I took first driving shift, and made it all the way down to the last service area off NJ Turnpike before hitting Delaware before I had to switch out. Amazing considering how little sleep both of us were on.

Now, maybe I can make up for lost time and actually sleep ^^;

You can grab the handful of pics I took at 8otB here.

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January 18, 2003
Plans are set...

Tomorrow, I get to get my ass kicked in tech singles on DDR Extreme, and tech doubles on 5th Mix ^^; Plans are go, so I'll be gone starting now - going to Chris's to do something I need to do, then work, then to Patty's for the night, then to NJ tomorrow morning, and we'll figure it out from there =P

Cya all when I get back!

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January 17, 2003
Best new show of the season...

Just finished watching the first episode of Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto... damned beautiful show ^^; I want to see more now ^^;

Image from http://moe.homelinux.net/.

Not much happening today... played a little more Wangan, didn't go out because of the snow, and UPS dropped off a little gift from ADV - two more projects - so now I have three projects to submit in the near future rather than one. I'll be working on that for most of next week, probably.

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193rd try's the charm...

FINALLY beat Mission 3-2 in Wangan, completing all of the mission mode, and unlocking the "Tuner Mission" o.O Turns out, I've been doing the final turn perfectly, except... I was countersteering at the end of the turn to try to break my drift, which was actually causing the drift to become longer. All I did was play through the mission like I normally do, except not countersteering at the end (and ending the turn slightly early to give the car time to right itself). And viola, finished the course at 302kph...

Now to figure out what the hell these Tuner Missions are... finishing the normal missions didn't get -every- car unlocked (but did give a vast majority), so I assume I need to do well here to get a 100% complete save...

And I -might- go to the Eight on the Break this Sunday - depends on a lot of things, primarily whether or not my parents will let me go... it IS 3.5+ hours north, after all...

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January 15, 2003
Be careful with microwaved water...

This just arrived in my email, and I thought it carried an important enough message for me to post here.

The email regarded a guy who heated water in the microwave in a cup for coffee, and noticed afterwards that it wasn't boiling. He looked into to the cup, then the water exploded in the face, leaving him with 1st and 2nd degree burns all over. The email states that if water is heated in the microwave, something should be placed in the cup to diffuse the energy such as a wooden stir stick, tea bag, etc. Further explanation:

"Microwaved water and other liquids do not always bubble when they reach the boiling point. They can actually get superheated and not bubble at all. The superheated liquid will bubble up out of the cup when it is moved or when something like a spoon or tea bag is put into it. To prevent this from happening and causing injury, do not heat any liquid for more than two minutes per cup. After heating, let the cup stand in the microwave for thirty seconds before moving it or adding anything into it."

And, an accompanying video (it's quite small, but shows how dangerous superheated water can be): superheated.mpg

This is why I typically don't heat water in a microwave.

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Buried in manga...

And once again it's been far too long since my last update. I think I'm mostly done with my expert KH game now - after taking that pic, I played for some 4 hours, killing Defenders nonstop until I -finally- got a Defender shield. (I swear, that's the hardest weapon to obtain in the entire game - I even got two Wizard's Relics in the process of trying to get the Defender shield!) I leveled up some 8 levels in the process too, leaving me 8 levels shy of 100. I still have a Jump Arts to obtain (I've never actually managed this feat) and I would like to build Sora's stats a bit more - for some reason, I got a 3rd Combo Plus in this game, which I never obtained in the Normal game o.O

Anyways, today was a remarkably slow day at work - about two customers per hour - so I was able to step out to Waldenbooks in the middle. I ended up walking away with CCS 7-8 (the first two of the "Master of the Clow" books), KareKano 1, and Wish 2-3. Was going to pick up Mars 1, but it was too beat up, and they didn't have Wish 1. Also, I found out later that CCS 7 is missing an extra insert that CCS 8 had, so I will probably visit tomorrow and see if I can exchange it. And it wasn't even supposed to be limited. This little bit of chat from #animedvd (International-House = Mariela Ortiz aka Sapphire) sums it up...

[02:01] <StarCreator> there's a sakura card in my ccs8
[02:01] <StarCreator> but not my ccs7
[02:01] <International-House> ummm
[02:01] <Praseo> umm i take it these are not the TP versions
[02:01] <carpboy> that just sounds like someone stole it
[02:01] <carpboy> it's not like it's attached
[02:01] <International-House> that isn't supposed to be the case
[02:01] <International-House> it isn't supposed to be LE
[02:01] <International-House> its supposed to be standard
[02:01] <International-House> someone took it
[02:01] <StarCreator> in any case, my ccs7 doesn't have one
[02:01] <StarCreator> and the printing that says it exists is missing from teh back
[02:01] <StarCreator> it was made without it
[02:02] <International-House> well then
[02:02] <International-House> TP is a bunch of lying sons of bitches of course
[02:02] * International-House smiles

Yep. Went -way- over-budget with these manga purchases. Money's going to be pretty tight for a while to come. Fun day indeed.

Be For U - Graduation is a great song, one of the best I've ever heard from the group. ^^

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January 11, 2003
I think I play a bit too much...

I'd write more, but I'm heading off to SF or wherever with Patty ^^;

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January 09, 2003
Is it me...

... or is there something wrong with these two pictures?

Why is the freeze on the left NG before it hits the top?

Uhh... your guess as to what this is supposed to be is as good as mine.

Images from DWI v2.30.01. Hurray SimWolf. =P

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I've had an awful lot of free time on my hands, considering that class is out, I don't have to be at work again until tomorrow afternoon, and that I crashed a car (so my parents don't want me going out unless I have to). People have probably been wondering where I have been the past two days... I was playing Kingdom Hearts ^^;

I ended up starting the game all over in Expert mode, picking completely different character development options, just so I could run through the entire game again. My Normal mode game had all lvl. 100 characters, stats almost completely maxxed, all best weapons, all spells mastered, all bosses defeated (repeatedly), all mini-games mastered, etc... so, there was effectively nothing else that could possibly be done with that game ^^; That game was mid-day leveling profile, took shield, gave up sword. This new game is dawn leveling profile (early levels faster, later levels slower), took sword, gave up shield. (Giving up the shield means the game is HARD - even Selphie can kill you in less than 4 hits!)

In these two days, I've made it all the way to Hallow Bastion, where I get to kill Maleficent o.O I've also done the spell mastery, so I have the Dream Shield much earlier than you're supposed to - the White Mushrooms kept showing up while I was traveling, so... =P Defense STILL sucks, but at least most enemies are dead before they get a chance to attack.

But... yeah... vacuuming the house for now, then I'll eat, and then I'll probably play some more ^^; I also have to do the timing project later tonight...

Tomorrow, I have to go to campus again since the department chair wasn't there when Patty and I went on Tuesday ^^; I'm told to call first and make sure the person I'm looking for is actually there... hopefully this time, I can catch him ^^;

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January 06, 2003
More snow...

Snowed all day yesterday, and started up again a couple of hours ago... though it's not as bad as the last time... only took us an hour to shovel the entire driveway clean, compared to the 3 hours we took last time... of course, we also had more manpower, but whatever...

I pretty much decided to stop being depressed over the car, but I still end up thinking about it when there isn't anything else that needs to be done... and considering that I'm only getting one shift a week at work now, there's a lot of time on my hands...

But anyways, for now, I am driving the Volvo again, but only when I need to go to campus or to work. Going elsewhere, I need to get a ride from someone else... not really that big a deal, actually. The big thing we're facing are the insurance costs and the three tickets, which we're waiting on a court date on. We're definitely contesting it, and chances are the judge will knock out at least two of them, all things considered.

So, haven't been doing much the past few days... been downloading the DDR Extreme DWIs as they come out - Legend of MAX and Paranoia Survivor were... well, different o.O Patty came over on Thursday and Friday to keep me company - which was very much appreciated ^^ Went to work on Saturday, did snow shovelling on Sunday...

Today, got starfox's package in the mail. When he was in Japan, he had asked publically on TeleKawaru.com if anyone had needed anything, and, of course, I posted a list - and he got the top item of my list, Two-Mix Vision Formula 2000 ^^ (An out-of-print DVD I've been looking for the past 2 years ^^;) A VERY big thanks for this ^^

Anyways, tomorrow, I probably need to head to campus and work out my final schedule for Spring semester... -_- It's also the first release day for anime in 2003, so I have a few things to pick up ^^;

I am now selling Assemble: Insert, Blue Seed 1-4 (single cases, not the ugly multipack!), Cosplay Encyclopedia, Maze OVA, and Saint Tail 1-2. Also, still selling Battle Athletes (OVA), Blue Sub 6, Perfect Blue, Tenamonya Voyagers, Vampire Hunter D, Yu Yu Hakusho/Ninku movies, and Zenki 1. Let me know if you're interested =P

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January 02, 2003

Words really don't properly express what's going on right now.

First of all, I'm perfectly alright, physically - maybe a tiny bruise on my right knee, but it's nothing. I guess, in usual fashion, I'll recount this in chronological order...

I was woken up at around 8:55am, as planned, by Dave. I didn't leave immediately, because I felt somehow very nauseous, perhaps a sign of what was coming? I still arrived at the mall with time to spare, and got a quick breakfast (while still feeling quite sick), though I got over it slowly as the store's gate opened for the day.

After work, it was time to go to Shiene's house, though I wasn't exactly sure why I was heading over. Turns out, it was a surprise birthday party for her ^^; Though I arrived after most of the people had left, we still had some fun. Surprisingly, I still knew how to get to her place, without the aid of directions...

I ended up taking Chris, Christina, and Ek back to Chris's place. I probably should have just headed directly home, though... or I should have spent the night at Chris's. I didn't want to, though, because I had told my mom that I would be home on New Year's Day. Of course, fate wouldn't have things go according to plan, as usual.

The Acura quickly became a smoking wreck on I-495 northbound, near River Rd. Apparently, sign trucks had been placed on the fast lane to force people to avoid high standing water on the road. Maybe if the anti-lock brakes had been working, I could avoid it, but the road was too slippery, and you can't really turn when hydroplaning with brakes slammed down. I keep thinking, how I could have done things just a little differently to avoid that accident, that the Acura would be in our garage, in one piece, and that I wouldn't be facing ~$400 in traffic tickets, and to be practically given up on by my father. Or it could have turned out worse, maybe if I had left earlier, I would have ran into the earlier accidents due to the water. Or if I had just slept over, and returned home with the morning commute, where my dad would still be mad, but not because the car had been totalled, but because I had been out for 2 nights straight...

All that thought is pointless now, though... what happened has already happened, there's really no changing it... there's going to be a LOT of complications to this, to the point that I probably will not see many of my friends, unless they come to visit me... the company would be welcome, since I'm stuck at home wrestling with myself how I let something stupid like this happen...

I suppose, I'm lucky to be alive... and without any sort of injury. The car did its job, taking all the damage for itself... it has my profound apology for my misjudgement that caused it to become a wreck... I have to thank Andy, the person that stopped and checked to see if I was okay - if not for him waiting with me until the tow truck and police arrived, I would have probably driven myself mad...

Not much more to say on the matter... things are going to be a lot different, with all the situations I have to face - ranging all the way from dealing with insurance, to appearing in court... I still need to handle some things on campus, to finalize my Spring class registration... I asked Patty to come over, and she'll probably be here within the hour...

Well... at least, I'm alive.

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January 01, 2003
Happy new year...

So far, the first thing I've done this new year is actually watch Shaolin Soccer from beginning to end. ^^;

So, let's see... nothing happened whatsoever on Sunday. At least I've finished watching Pretty Sammy TV now, so no more screwing up my sleep schedule trying to finish it.

On Monday, I woke up around 1pm, but was occupied with stuff until around 4. Picked up Patty at her house, and braved over and hour and a half of DC traffic to get to Chris's house. Since it was so late by the time we got there (6pm), we didn't go to the mall, so we spent the entire time at his house, with Ek, Tiff, and Bounma. I -finally- got to play IIDX (6th Style)... and royally suck at it. Now I want to import that... I'll probably do it at the same time DDRMAX2 PS2 comes out. Already bugging some friends in Japan about checking how much it would cost for them to buy it for me =P

We ended up staying pretty late at Chris's - I didn't get home until around 4am, and didn't get to sleep until 8... so my sleep schedule is completely screwed up. Didn't wake up until 5pm, and had to almost immediately leave with my family to go to a party of an old acquantence.

We visited the Chens, who I hadn't seen in a long time. (Jack Chen used to be my dad's coworker at GTE... at least, I think that's how we know them...) We used to see them all the time back when my dad worked at GTE, but since then, it's years apart that I see them, so it was interesting to visit them this time. They were in a new house - the past two visits, they were in different houses - and it was easily double the size of our house. Even the property made it resemble a small mansion.

I only stopped in for a short time, but at least I got to see Victoria. Though she's 2 years younger than me, we used to talk a lot, but hardly ever get the chance these days. The last time I saw her was back when the big ice storm took our power out for a week - we had to stay at their place at the tail end of that week since our house was quickly becoming inhospitable. It was really nice seeing her again. Though I keep forgetting that I have her IM in my always-full buddy list ^^;

Left at around 8:30, and made my way over to Dave's. What started as a small, cozy little gathering turned into a 14 or so person party ^^; Played Bomberman, PPP, DDRMAX, watched Adult Swim (which completely screwed up the announcement of the new year - they were in the middle of a commercial for Scooby Snacks when the ball dropped), played a little more DDR, and watched Shaolin Soccer, as I mentioned before. It was a nice gathering of people - Angie, her friend, Josh, and Sarah (?) were there when I arrived, then Meridell and Isa (big coincedence) arrived together, then came the big troop of Jeff (Auld), Matt (carpy), Kevyn (Fireye), and Karyn (TougaNoMiko) came... then, one last person, Matt (Zeiram) came. So, a pretty niced size gathering ^^;

Right now, Dave and Angie's friend went to sleep in his bedroom, while I am typing this entry on his computer, and Angie is on the couch murdering the Rubic's cube. I really need to finish this entry, since I have to work at 10am tomorrow, and stay until 6:30 - basically, an open to close shift. -_- So yeah... it's a really bad time to have a screwed up sleep schedule...

* stumbles off to sleep *

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