March 25, 2003
Well, that kinda sucked...

$153 in fines and 3 points on my license. Lawyer pleaded not guilty on all three charges, and I was charged guilty for two of them (and the last one was merged in). Both the truck driver and the state trooper showed up. The truck driver tried to claim muscle spasms due to the accident, which, due to the nature of the accident and how the truck didn't get a scratch on it, I'm inclined to believe that's just because of his old age.

Well, getting insurance is going to suck for a long time.

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March 24, 2003
Lucky day...

Wow. Not only IIDX today, but I just got another ADV check, meaning my bank account is about to break $2k for the first time. Funny all this should arrive the day before my court date, possibly the worst day of my life. So life is making up for it by trying to give me a really good day?

I hope this isn't a sign that my luck is running out, or something. ^^;

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Spin the disc!... oh wait, wrong style...

UPS FINALLY delivered IIDX controllers (one is Josh's) and 6th style - now I can be a DJ, or something. Too bad the package was 6 days late - apparently, it was shipped almost a week later than it should have been, and they got Cth's name wrong on the package, even. At least they got the address right.

Tournament was fun, though I won't go into how disgusted I was with half the prices (a modded PS2 and "22 games"... in cmcm's words, "it comes with a modded PS2 for a reason" -_-), it was a pretty fun tournament nonetheless. Pictures will be up later. Too bad we didn't get the photos of "Po River" and "Powhite Pkwy" like we wanted to. ^^; My DMS3 chip still hasn't arrived, so no new modded PS2 to take home. He did buy the console, though.

So, after eating at Wendy's twice (the standalone Wendy's across the street was a lot cheaper, and a lot less retarded than the one inside the mall) and sleeping in the car trip both ways (aside from almost getting killed and giving poor Chris several heart attacks from John's insane driving), got home, slept. Sunday, we went to see where the courthouse was, since the court date is the 25th (tomorrow -_-). Did some ADV work, not much else. Today will probably get ruled by IIDX. Once again, tomorrow is the court date. x_x

I should put on my glasses before playing IIDX. And moving the PS2 to the HDTV would probably make sense. Well, back to playing IIDX upstairs on the old 4:3 CRT without my glasses...

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March 22, 2003
Hurray for 2 hour trips...

I'd write more about stuff that happened throughout the week (though it would probably be mostly bitching about how IIDX was supposed to arrive on Tuesday but I haven't seen a single UPS truck all week -_-) but I'll soon be heading to VCC in Richmond, VA for yet another DDR tournament. ^^; Hopefully I'll get more sleep on the ride down...

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March 18, 2003
It's pink...

[14:23] <Tempy> HAHAHAHAHAH
[14:24] <Skywise> is that the new experimental weapon Bush is testing out on the french?

Probably going to Hagerstown today. Finished a little bit of work for ADV - who knew a 2 minute trailer would take about an hour to finish timing? -_- Would have gone faster if vidcap actually worked properly...

Yesterday, went to CP, played a quick doubles set... the pad is still the same, despite being attached to Eastpoint's old MAX2... response was still a little weird, but I'm starting to think my inability to play at CP is more the location than the pad... just feel heavier when I'm in there for some reason... went to Dave's after, watched a little Ai Yori Aoshi, I liked the first two eps a lot more than I thought I would. Music video needed better direction. Also watched Dave beat FF1 in FF Origins. Fun ending. Time paradoxes suck.

The day before, I had ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut because I -really- wanted a pizza, and it turns out the place that's 5 minutes away that makes really good pizza got new management (again) and is now closed on Sundays, despite being open on Sundays for the entire time we've lived in this area. After finding out that the Pizza Hut we go to had changed phone numbers slightly, I ordered the pizza, and when I started eating it, I noticed that half of it lacked tomato sauce. I think that night was just doomed.

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March 17, 2003

I have now conquered .hack//Infection. Completely. There is absolutely nothing else in the game I can possibly do that I haven't done.

I have everyone at level 33-34, which is quite a trick in //Infection since there are no monsters past level 30. I have multiples of all the rare weapons in the game. I have all three known Grunty types. Affection for all members (except Orca, obviously) is maxxed at 250. Everyone has their rare weapons equipped. Killed Skeith. Killed Parasite Dragon, though I wonder how much exp it would have given if I hadn't data drained it. Got every unlockable item from the Ryu Books possible. I even have that damned Aromatic Grass that Mia keeps begging for.

So, uhh... yeah. Probably won't play .hack again until the next part comes out. I'm probably way overleveled for it, too. So, what did I do after all that? I decided to see this dreaded "SYSTEM ERROR" symptom of a failed Data Drain.

It took an hour to get.

I mean, I must have Data Drained 70+ consecutive enemies before it finally happened. I had to jump from one area to another because I ran out of portals in the one I was in. I like how it first flashes WARNING in big pulsating letters, and later turns to DANGER as the graph turns all red except for Kite's left leg. I had all sorts of random crap happen - I lost 1000 exp (twice), everyone got confused, everyone got paralyzed, everyone got HP and SP recovered, everyone got HP and SP reduced to 1, I had items vanish from my inventory completely, I got a shitload of weapons I already had plenty of... when it finally happened, it just showed up as a standard "Data drain out of control!" side effect... I was hoping for big red letters or something. Amusingly, for crashing the system, I earned a Lincoln Green, and it asked if I wanted to exchange it for another item from my inventory before the system went down. Basically, after all that, I just got a standard Game Over sequence, with my party standing up.

Hrm... yeah... maybe I'll go back and try to get Ultima Weapon in KHFM now...

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March 15, 2003
So, I've been...

... playing .hack//Infection ^^; I tend to vanish from the face of the internet when I'm playing an RPG.

Hagerstown == best location ever, I visited again last night, and they let us stay until like 1, which was 1-2 hours past closing o.O And there's a strong chance they'll get IIDX! Woo~

I've ordered Pop'n Music 7 and Best Hits, and I hope to find a controller someday... I really hope I'm not forced to buy that 30,000 yen arcade-style monstrosity... -_- Also pre-ordered DDR MAX2... but for both these orders, I had Cth order it with his account, but with my check card o.O Apparently, they didn't even ask for a name to attach with the card, and hopefully it'll actually work. I've already seen the pre-auth requests for both come and go.

And, in other news...

Seung Mina and Sophitia confirmed to return to SC2 console... though it was so obvious considering Namco's streak of doubling the character count for the home versions of their fighters...

Seung Mina looks too busty now tho -_-

KpPowers: of course, I was sort of expecting this
KpPowers: the models are really nice though
KpPowers: oh boy... I wonder what Seung would be like now that there's a 99% chance that she has the DOA effect

snyprtygr: wow, she kicks high

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March 10, 2003

Well, it looks like a location in Hagerstown upgraded to DDR Extreme. Gonna go in a bit to try it out.

I decided to go ahead and take the plunge, and ordered a DMS3 chip, and had it sent directly to cmcm. I also sent him money for a new PS2 + installation + shipping, so hopefully I'll get that before the end of the month. This better be worth it ^^;

So far, I've bought a PS2+mod with each of my ADV checks. Is a Gamecube attached to my next one or something?

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March 08, 2003

From Hikari no Kiseki forums:

"RO? Well, picture this:

You have a steak on your plate. Then you take your fork, and stick it into the steak. The steak is very juicy.

Because it is juicy, you pull the fork out to see if it will slide out. But how can you eat a steak if the fork is not in the steak? You stick your fork back into the steak again.

This time, though, the steak is being sneaky. Due to the fresh holes from your previous poking of the steak, it slips off with ease when you raise it to your mouth.

So you stick the fork int he steak yet again.

It slips off again. Stick it in. It slips off. And again. And again. And again.

You feel the anger swelling inside you, mixed with hunger, and you begin viciously stabbing the steak with your fork repeatedly. Stab! Stab! Stab! Yet it continues to slip away. You think that perhaps with another few hours you might finally be able to eat something.

A few hours pass, and you still haven't eaten anything. At this point you just don't care, but you do think you would like to eat dinner at some point--ah, someone just make it stop! Please! ...And so you continue stabbing (slightly less viciously this time) at the steak, but you don't know why.


That's RO."

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Yay, videos...

I vidcapped the Cloud/Sephy battle and a rather pathetic attempt at fighting Unknown... the video doesn't even show his strong attacks because I didn't get that far -_- I did finally beat Unknown though, and got complete marks on the entire Jiminy Memo section, since he was the last entry I needed. Woo~

Sora vs. Unknown (51mb)
Cloud vs. Sephiroth (9mb)

(Sorry, links removed since they apparently punished poor TeleKawaru's server... won't reintroduce them unless I get better hosting for them.)

Quality of those really suck since it's my crappy comp - I actually had to capture those to 8mbps MPEG-1 first before I could use them...

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March 07, 2003
Kingdom Hearts...

Randomly beat Sephiroth this morning without really trying - and I didn't have Ultima Weapon, either... though you don't really need Ultima Weapon anymore when you've reached level 95 (I leveled up a LOT unlocking and beating all the Coliseum time trials). Cloud vs. Sephiroth scene == BEST SCENE EVER.

Now, just have to kill Unknown (even at level 70, he's not particularly hard, but that damned roulette attack... -_-)

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March 05, 2003

Family continues to search for daughter

That's a tragic story in itself, but it has more personal sting for me - I knew Felicia in high school. We had classes together in senior year. We weren't much more than acquantances - you do meet a lot of people in high school after all - but still, to know that someone you knew in high school has been missing for a year, and might be dead...

That was definitely not a very pleasant front-page article I saw while picking up the newspaper today.

All my hopes go out to finding her, and hoping that she's alive.

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