October 27, 2003
Expensive ink...

So, on Saturday night after work, I came home to find the new printer waiting for me to install it.

Based on PC World's ratings, we had decided on the HP Photosmart 7550, which I later found to be discontinued, replaced with their new flagship, the HP Photosmart 7960. For a little more money, it offered greater print quality (adding support for HP's new Photo Gray cartridge), a larger LCD display, and it "looked a lot better" according to my brother. Yeah, he picked it based on it looking nicer than the 7550 ^^;;

And, oddly enough, the person working in that section at the time recommended they buy Canon paper for it. Such a silly concept, Canon paper in an HP printer. ^^;

Aside from having to free up a large amount of space from C drive, installation went with little problem. The printer, oddly enough, doesn't come with a USB connection cable, and the box of course says to buy the HP branded cable. I was afraid it was something proprietary (and I wouldn't put such a thing past HP), but it turned out to be a run-of-the-mill type port - the same type that cable modems use. It so happened I had two of these cables, since the cable modems actually come with them. So, out came the one from the old cable modem's box.

Of course, the first thing we printed was a photo of our mom. ^^ We actually printed it twice, first with the standard Black cartridge, then swapping in the Photo Gray cartridge to see what the difference was. Turns out, using just the Black cartridge results in all the shadows in the photo disappearing. Strange.

So, yeah, we have a new printer. The old HP OfficeJet 710 is still hooked up, since I still use it to scan/copy/fax things. We are out of USB ports (even with the hub), but the OfficeJet uses the parallel port, so we're fine there. Of course, my brother doesn't really want anything to do with it anymore, since it apparently never printed anything for him properly. (Blame HP's lack of drivers for it that are fully compatible with Windows XP - apparently, Fast User Switching breaks it. Thankfully, the new printer doesn't seem to have the same problem.)

Anthony's new TV is coming in Wednesday, but I won't be able to go up there as planned because I got scheduled for work consecutively on Wednesday to Friday. I'll either end up going Wednesday night (and staying over until I have to return to work) or just going up sometime over the weekend. You know, I could have sworn it's been well over two weeks since I put in my two week notice... though right now, I do need the money, so I haven't really debated the issue.

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October 24, 2003

2003.10.17 16:33:36 Search: query for 'talim x starcreator hentai'
2003.10.18 21:13:25 Search: query for 'moe'
2003.10.19 03:39:37 Search: query for 'hey jack =D'
2003.10.19 07:31:56 Search: query for 'crescens'
2003.10.24 03:44:26 Search: query for 'des row'

I know where you live! x_x

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Modem go boom...

I had to say goodbye to another IP today., I'll miss you too...

So, yeah, around 4:20pm, my cable modem bit the dust. It was an RCA DCM235 - rented out from Comcast since the day they came and installed the service. So, I guess it was about time for it to die - it's been giving me lots of warnings of its impending doom over the past few months, so I wasn't all too surprised when the tech support guy on the phone said that there were no problems with Comcast's line in my area, and that 76 of the 78 people on my node were online. (I guess someone else's modem died too?)

So, I ran out at 8:15 to Best Buy to pick up a new modem. I had actually done some research on the subject, and I had already decided on the Motorola SURFboard SB5100. Naturally, that happened to be the -only- model of cable modem Best Buy carries now, so it wasn't a hard choice, either. After seeing an amazing lack of other items I wanted to buy (other than Time Crisis 3, but that can wait), I headed home with the new modem.

I didn't get back online until just now. I called tech support again to give him the new serial number/MAC addy, and he said it would take 2-3 hours to get it into the system so Comcast would give it service. 3 and a half hours later, I had to call tech support again - bewilderingly, getting the 1st guy I had talked to again. He fixed the connection up pretty quick - I'm a bit bummed my IP changed, but at least service is back. I need to run some speed tests with this modem later, though I don't really expect anything different, with Comcast's bandwidth caps being as low as they are.

Now, I have to drop off the defunct modem at Comcast when they open tomorrow so they can stop charging me the rental fees. Bleh.

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October 16, 2003
Fun with activity logs...

2003.10.12 22:27:19 Search: query for 'sagara sousuke'
2003.10.13 03:38:20 Search: query for 'Talim hentai'
2003.10.13 03:38:39 Search: query for 'Talim hentai'
2003.10.13 03:39:01 Search: query for 'talim hentai'
2003.10.13 18:35:55 Search: query for 'fairy'
2003.10.13 23:43:33 Search: query for 'talim henta'
2003.10.13 23:46:08 Search: query for 'talim henta'
2003.10.13 23:46:41 Search: query for 'talim henta'
2003.10.15 23:54:06 Search: query for 'talim'

(IPs withheld to protect the not-so-innocent.)

Okay, just to make it absolutely clear - there is NO Talim hentai on my site. The very idea of such a thing existing makes me quite sick. x_x

I have no idea where that Full Metal Panic query came from, though.

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One, two, three...

It's fairly easy to guess what I've been doing the past week. ^^; Even though there are other things I should be doing instead. x_x

Finally got everything unlocked last night, though there's quite a bit more work to be done to get all the grades up to AA or higher... considering the final song count is at 111, that's not work for one sitting. x_X Need to get better at doubles, too... I did finally get a AA on A oni (argh that looks pretty damn weird to type), but Daikenkai and V still screw me over. --;; Yep, even at home I still fail the from pop'n music course on double.

I'm also never touching Max. (period) again.

Yesterday before work, I actually ended up stopping by City Place for a bit. Hadn't been there for a while, and while I wasn't expecting the pads to be in great shape, I expected them to actually be playable. They weren't. I tried Happy Wedding double twice - greats were in the 20s, but the second player side kept deciding the freezes weren't worth holding, thus I lost the AA both times. --;; CSFIL was pretty much the same story, with greats in the mid-50s (ugh), and a random Boo and Miss also holding me from the elusive AA. I guess I'll have to go to SF if I really want playable pads. --;;

At least while I was there, I found a couple of plushies unclaimed inside the Big Choice machine. Mine now. =P

I need to figure out where to order DDR Party Collection from. I definitely want it, but haven't decided if I want the pad bundle (even though I already have two Ignition 2.0s, it would be nifty having an import Konami official pad just for the sake of having it). And Freedom...

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October 11, 2003
The sun will shine...

So, half-unexpectedly, my packages from Japan (DDR Extreme, and a bunch of stuff I got from Jungle Osaka) came this morning, about 50 minutes before I had to leave for work. So, I spent 20 minutes of quality time with Extreme. ^^

After getting back from work, I stopped by campus to check out that book (finally), got some beef noodle soup from the restaurant nearby (yum!), and went back home for more DDR EX goodness.

It was about 4:20 when I got home.

Yeah, I was playing DDR EX without stopping that entire time. x_x

un deux trois is my favorite song of the hour. Simply awesome, though the tempo freeze threw me the first time. =P

Yeah, I suck at pop'n again. I can't even pass Tangeline hyper anymore. x_x (I've also completely lost the ability to play on the small pop'n controller - I -have- to play on the ASC or I just Bad combo the song.)

None of the oni bug steps are out (so far) ;_; Can't do the oni bug either - there aren't any songs that have only oni steps. I'll need to make an edit of the Love♥Shine one. ^^

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October 09, 2003
Things scooting over...

People probably remember that I got an account with DreamHost during their birthday sale. That account now hosts all of Hikari no Kiseki, and today, after a lot of configuration problems that needed settling, I finally moved over the Gallery there as well. I wanted to upgrade all the existing albums with higher resolution versions of the images, but there seems to be no easy way to do that, short of deleting everything and putting everything back, so I don't think I'll bother. New galleries will be upped in 2 megapixel resolution (as my 4 megapixel raw output is still a bit too large for what I have over there).

The rest of the site will be staying put here at Eryxma. I just needed to get the gallery moved, as it was taking up over 60% of my storage and bandwidth allocation here.

I'll add some new albums later - there are more than a few events I'm lagged on adding. ^^;

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October 07, 2003
So, yeah...

I'm 21 years old today.

Today kinda sucked too.

So, I had 4 tasks I had to try to do today - mow the lawn, get to the campus library for some research, go to dentist's appointment, and go to work.

Started mowing the lawn a bit later than usual, and it took longer than expected. When I finished, I didn't have enough time to make it to campus.

Hell, I didn't have enough time to make the dentist's appointment. After naturally encountering the slowest and dumbest drivers on the planet on the way, I arrive at the dentist's office an entire half hour late. --;

Conclusion - once again, no problems aside from my gums being in horrid shape, as usual. Cleaning also hurts a bit as usual, thanks to said gums.

Work was incredibly boring. Apparently, the major load had already passed, leaving us with virtually nothing to do.

I spent entirely too much money again. But, I might as well exploit the discount as much as I can while I still have it. Though, I think James, Dan, and Calvin are the only ones that know I'm in the process of quitting at this point.

At least I got to read the 2nd volume of "Forbidden Dance" during work. I was being made to work on my birthday and thus breaking a 20 year streak of having dinner with the family on my birthday, so they'll be damned if they didn't let me have my shoujo manga. =P

The weekend was quite fun - of course, when I said 11 am to meet up at SF, I really meant 2 pm. Not too many people met up there anyways, but having taken Shiene to SF with me, it was enough to end up with 6 people in my car. My car has a 5 person capacity. With 6 people, it's not only crowded, but the amount of weight causes the car to perform like, well, a full size van.

Allison came an hour or so after we got back to Shiene's, and a couple hours later Kevin came with Brice, and later picked up Ki. We played pop'n 8 with the ASC, SC2 with the X-Box (after spending a good 5 minutes getting a combination of controllers that worked with the converters properly), back to pop'n 8, IIDX also with the pop'n ASC (^^;), and some DDR MAX2 US. Allison and Ki also had a lively, not-making-much-sense conversation. ^^;

I ended up having the party end earlier than planned to take Allison home, and apologize that I can't help with the carting back of people - having no choice but to leave Kevin to the task. Gunned it home, as I needed to get Allison there by 10:30. We walked through the front door at 10:39. Oops.

Allison leaves after an hour or so, and I end up DDRing for the first time in a while at cousins' request. It's a bit annoying to be asked to DDR for show for some reason. They try DDRing for a while, too.

The next day, we all go get dim sum before they all had to start heading home. After they left, I ended up working with Jascii and mashadar to finish up Bottle Fairy ep1 - it had been translated and timed in my absence, which is quite rare. =P Bottle Fairy is probably one of our most successful torrented eps so far - as of now, there are 4,556 completed downloads and still climbing. Can't wait for the next ep. =P

Well, tomorrow, class is going to suck since I didn't make it to campus as planned today. Ugh. Have to work too - I have entirely too many hours for someone who's quitting. Dinner is going to be on Friday before my dad leaves for Asia again. Yay for free time. x_X

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October 03, 2003

Well, party tomorrow is on, but not in the same place as planned (again). Check LJ for details.

So, I'm quitting Suncoast. The job has been sucking for a very long time, but yesterday was the last straw.

I got hit with a cash scam artist. It was too busy and there was too much of a line to be able to prevent it. (I'm not sure who to blame for our store always being spread so thin on employees.) Obviously, something was wrong when he went to pay for a Pez refill with a $50 bill. Suffice it to say, he managed to walk off with a little over 4x the amount he put in.

That annoys the living crap out of me. I don't work to get money stolen from under my nose, or all the crap I have to deal with because of one damn thief.

And naturally, everything going wrong in the store is being attributed to me, because I'm the only person anyone is taking administrative action against. Ever.

And I've mentioned on multiple times the pay is close to zero. Even after two raises, it's still barely above minimum wage. People who fill ice cream cones get paid at least twice what I do at Suncoast.

And the job's costs are far too great to justify what little pay it does give.

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October 02, 2003
Interesting statistics...

This website started one year ago to this day, on October 2, 2002.

This is entry number 200.

So, I made an average of 0.548 posts per day over this past year.

I -still- haven't put on a counter script like I had originally planned to. Maybe someday I will.

So, yeah... just thought I'd point all that out. ^^;

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October 01, 2003

Muffins are good. Mmmm, blueberry.

Oddly enough, I don't eat blueberries on their own. Just in muffins.

So, yeah, I want Extreme to come already. Even though Cartoon Heroes' Heavy stepchart will still suck total ass.

I discovered a while back that my site was high on Google's rankings... if you search for "talim hentai". --;;

And I bet that "suck total ass" line above doesn't exactly help that situation out, either.

I actually did finish Pretear work on Monday night. Discovered that my deadline for that set was actually Monday and not Tuesday, so I ended up handing it in a bit late. Of course, it does not matter, as the deadlines are far ahead of the real production timetable anyways. So, now I await in horror what my next project will be.

And yes, I had to do more lawn work on Tuesday. Set out to clean up the grass clippings, which went fast because it was actually dry for once. Dry grass picks up easier and is faster to rake away in large amounts.

So, tomorrow, I go off for work. And to find out next week's schedule. I'm also a bit behind with classwork - I have a book report due in a week, and I haven't quite picked the book I'm doing it on yet. Ack.

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