March 31, 2004
Random thought...

So, I was thinking about running an anime blog for a bit.

Since there's nowhere, I could call it "somewhere", "anywhere", or "over there", just to be trendy. Bandwidth and storage wouldn't really be an issue, since there's plenty of it left over at megami.

Of course, I quickly realized I could never keep up with it. Keeping an anime blog typically means taking screencaps, and that's not something I usually bother to do. Even worse, unlike a lot of anime bloggers out there, my primary anime viewings are DVDs, which are significantly more complicated to screencap from than a simple AVI download. Given that watching anime generally sucks up my free time, I doubt I would ever be able to update such a thing.

It's funny what you think up at 7 in the morning with no sleep.

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March 30, 2004

Not much new, but I had to log into try a PHP Auto-update script for MT-Blacklist, so I figured I might as well write -something- while I was logged in. As for the PHP script, it seems to work, though I'm not sure that I like that it logs itself in to make the updates, but doesn't log itself out. I'm tempted to look up the python auto-updater, but this server has a very much dated python install (I found this out trying to get a BitTorrent tracker running on it), so it's probably not an option.

Of course, this site gets so little traffic that it doesn't really matter if I update the blacklist that infrequently... and the recent spam that got through would have still gotten through since it wasn't added to the central blacklist until a few days after I got hit with it.

In any case, we'll see what happens with it... theoratically, if it doesn't log in, then it'll stay logged in rather than logging in multiple times, so if it does that, then I don't mind... it's not like anyone's going to try to hack in the site from localhost, anyways, and the update user is pretty crippled anyways. (I'm actually going to have to check back to see whether or not it's -too- crippled and needs more privs to actually function...)

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March 29, 2004
That's a horrible paint job...

So, instead of sleeping, I ended up checking out Anthony's site and from there, found a link to the CRIMSON ROOM (Flash)... so that kept me up quite a bit longer than I expected. ^^;;

That was really fun, but kind of short... I was stuck for a while, but I was out in around half an hour. I try not to give hints, since it's more rewarding to find your own way out. ^^;

Also, if you were interested, Jasconius translated the lyrics to Buzy's debut single, kujira... you can read it here if you want. It's a nice song, too... eventually, the translations for the other two songs should be up at Anthony's site, too.

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What a week...

Okay, in the past week, this site has seen an almost endless onslaught of attempted spam comments. Two spams (both identical and on the same entry) actually made it through. There was an update to the master blacklist, but this particular spam appears to be new and wasn't covered. I submitted it, but unfortunately I didn't log the originating IP addresses. I'll report again if the same spammer tries it again, since I added it to my own local blacklist.

So, not a whole lot of note happened in the last week. Most of the significant action happened just a few hours ago (Sunday), but I'll go ahead and recount the week in chronological order.

So, yeah, the pop'n music 9 Internet Ranking is now closed. I finished at rank #494 on the total Hyper boards. I didn't check where I finished in the 9line boards, and I didn't play 5line at all. I still haven't passed a couple of those courses, either... it's kinda pathetic how I've been playing for almost a year now and I don't have much skill to show for it. >.>

Other than the typical go to class routine, not much happened. I did end up finally switching all my POP3 mail over to Mozilla Thunderbird, though, and so far, I'm liking it quite a bit. Even though it runs a little slower than Outlook on this comp (keep in mind how ancient of a machine this is), the fact that I no longer have to worry about not opening the wrong email by accident (and the bayesian junk mail detection!) far makes up for it. And yes, after a minimal bit of training, it seems to be quite successful at figuring out what is what. Of course, when I'm not working on anything (such as now), my POP3 accounts don't actually get any legitimate mail, so I don't know if it's just marking all my incoming mail... ^^;;

Something might have happened on Friday, but didn't. I decided, after it had gotten late, that I didn't really want to drive to Frederick just for a little DDR. Oh well. (I only play DDR like once every two months at this point, anyways.)

We did do the typical FF:CC on Saturday. We ended up not being able to go anywhere new because our progress was blocked by both the river drying up and the miasma being an element we couldn't possibly obtain. So, we had to repeat three old areas to complete year 5.

But, on Saturday, Dave mentioned offhand that he wanted to buy a new TV. Somehow it was decided that he would buy it the very next day, as there were no problems with Kevyn taking the van out. And so...

I left the house at about 2pm. Naturally, I forgot to take my camera, but I brought along the Avia calibration disc and Juuni Kokki (one of the best series being released on DVD currently in my opinion that no one here wants to watch for invalid reasons) DVD 1. Yeah, it's still the bugged mono release, but since we were out to buy a TV, I don't think the audio was the focus. Kevyn was already there when I arrived, and I saw Angie for a little bit before she departed. After Dave finished guzzling his tea, we set out, HDTV or bust.

We first stopped at the shop in Bethesda where Dave got his Onkyo receiver+speaker set. Unfortunately, they don't have the model that we were looking for (as the culmination of Kevyn's research), but we did take a moment to admire their couch, and a 4:3 Sony model that looked very much like a shrunken version of the HDTV we have here. (I'm naturally turned off by this, since our TV isn't capable of properly displaying anything above 480p, and Sony hasn't added the capability to any of their models yet to my knowledge.) So, off to Best Buy Rockville (after a quick stop at an Asian mart).

At this point, we found that Matt, Sarah, Mary, and a few others were going to see a movie. We told them that we might tag along if we finished at Best Buy fast enough.

Walking into Best Buy, Kevyn quickly finds the TV he had recommended, and indeed, it seemed like the perfect fit - it was one of the smallest models present (considering the area the TV would occupy, this was good), and it was rich in any feature that would be needed in the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, they were out of stock of that particular model (and forgive me for not knowing what model it is, aside from it being a 42" Toshiba), but they had it as an open item that had been sitting in the showroom area for less than a week. It was also complete, except for the box. As that isn't that bad of a burn-in time at all, and that there was only one minor crack on the side of the set, it seemed pretty good.

We did, however, want to check to see what the TV looked like with a component video source (almost all the TVs there were hooked up to a coaxial video feed), so we had someone take a DVD player over and hook it up. No video came up. As the player was the minaturized Cyber Home, I realized the Cyber Homes had a software switch that enabled or disabled the component outputs, and without the remote, there was no way to activate it. So, another DVD player was brought in, with the same result. It took another half an hour to a full hour (hard to tell, time doesn't pass too quickly when you're waiting), but it took at least 5 sales associates (one of whom managed to rip their pants while kneeling and probably left early) and the 3rd DVD player brought in to confirm that the inputs worked.

Naturally, Dave was caught up in some paperwork to fill out to be able to get the two year financing. So, more waiting. And after that, yet more waiting because the sales terminal was now busy.

But, that was finally the end. We wheeled the TV out to Kevyn's van, and managed to fit it in lying down on its back. (Since I'm not exactly a heavy lifter, I wasn't able to help much in this department.) I had to sit facing backwards, with my legs in between the collapsed backseat of the van and the TV. I'm sure a ton of people stared into the van on our way back to Dave's apartment.

Naturally, we had less than an hour before the aforementioned movie at this point, and there was no way we'd make it all the way to the theatre they were seeing it at in time. So much for that.

It figures that the only thing the apartment complex had to help us wheel the TV around was a hotel-style luggage carrier.

When we finally got the TV up into his apartment, we disassembled the old setup, did some major cleaning, determined where to set up the components, and finally set up the TV. Kevyn left to pick Josh up shortly after we moved the TV into place, while I stayed and helped finish up the setup and calibrate. Dave definitely needs to order HD cable service - standard definition digital cable looked crappy enough on an interlaced set as it is. =P

After calibration and an ep of the Simpsons, we play one round of Soul Calibur II (PS2 @ 480p), then switch to Rez. Kevyn arrives with Josh, and we check out Wipeout Fusion before trying to set up FF:CC for an impromptu run at the game, via component cables. With no batteries for the spare GBA, both Kevyn and I went back to our vehicles, him to get his GBA, and mine to check to see if I had my link cables in there still (I did). Dave and Josh played a little Amplitude while we were out doing this. Unfortunately, you can't set FF:CC to progressive mode without an actual GameCube controller, so we weren't really able to play it in all its glory or anything. But we could actually read text this time. =P

That was about it... Dave still needs to get a component rack and a progressive DVD player at some point, but I think he's more than happy (or broke) with what he got so far. ^^;

Well, that's about it for now... I've still got the big sale thing to manage (thankfully, I'm feeling better now than I did for much of last week), and hopefully I'll be able to take some time and do that later this week, if not today (Monday).

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March 22, 2004
If you thought I vanished...

I've been sick the entire weekend and pretty much didn't have the energy to deal with things like the DVD sale. It's not going to happen today, but it looks like I'll probably just dump everything on eBay (by series), unless someone gives me an offer too big to pass up.

Give me an offer (as in, a dollar amount, not "I want that"), and I'll let you have it if it's enough, otherwise it'll probably be the reserve price on eBay or something. I haven't figured out exactly how I want to go about that. Asking price for each DVD is probably around $15 (more if it's still sealed).

If you were one of the many asking about SMJ, that's probably going on eBay no matter what, but feel free to leave offers. That thing's worth a lot, though... same deal with Last Exile DVD1+Box+Figure+Mousepad probably...

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March 18, 2004
DVDs on parade...

DVDs for sale!

Yes, most likely, I'm going to be selling all that in the very near future (as in, within the next two weeks if I'm not too lazy about it). If you're interested in something, make me a good offer, otherwise it'll probably all end up on eBay.

I'm still not sure about a couple of those, but they're probably all going to get sold. I'm too far in the red to hold back too much. >.>

And no, the stuff behind the line of DVDs isn't for sale. I was just too lazy to move them out of the picture.

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March 17, 2004
Woo, hurting wrist...

Yeah... I'm not sure if I want to bother putting down all the details here (and I probably don't remember them all anyways), but...

Cleared: 111 normal, 90 hyper, 24 EX.

I think the highest song level I've cleared is a 35... 1/6 billionth (Hyper J-Pop 3) hyper. Fun song, too...

I took these a while ago, but if you didn't see them, you can take a look at the stand I'm using for the ASC. I need to find a more stable flat surface for it, though... the ASC isn't long enough for the stand to properly support it the way it's designed (the stand is obviously designed for wider objects, such as keyboards or turntable caskets), so I've been using the spare racks from my DVD stand to substitute as a makeshift surface. Occasionally it tries to slip out from under me, though...

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March 16, 2004
What's a pleasure line?...

2004.03.14 17:55:53 MT-Blacklist comment denial on ...
2004.03.17 00:26:09 MT-Blacklist comment denial on ...

Nice to see the bots haven't bothered to stop trying. (Yes, yet another hit was added after I wrote this entry. Just in case you're wondering why there are two of them now. Both fell under the exact same blacklisted regex criteria, too.) Additionally, I'm thinking of requiring preview before post of every comment, but so far, that's proving to be unnecessary.

Saturday was rather interesting... I started out by going to SF since Ant'Dog was going to be up for a visit. He's stationed in North Carolina now instead of Korea, so he's a bit less out of reach for the moment. ^^; It was nice to chat with him for a bit again. Found out there were plans for the rest of the Springfield people, but since I already had to go to FF:CC, I couldn't join in. So, I completely failed to see Hanna even once during her break. (At least, I think her break was last week...)

After finding out the GameStop at SF had completely run out of GBA to GC connectors, I had to go to EB to pick it up instead. Turns out they were charging $3 more for the same cable. (Gee, I wonder why GameStop ran out and they didn't...) I ended up picking up the MadCatz brand instead of going for their grossly overpriced Nintendo brand cable. After that, I finally headed up to Dave's apartment, only an hour later than I had planned. >.>

Naturally, by the time I got there, there was no time to watch Neko no ongaeshi, but we did watch most of Ghiblies ep2 while we were eating. I forgot to show them the blurb at the end, so I'll have to do that this Saturday... and hopefully we can watch the movie then too. We didn't get too far in the game - we're on the verge of completing year 4, but a rather annoying maze-like dungeon had us opting to just leave it for next time. So, we completed a total of one dungeon.

I still ought to pick up Amplitude. I'm still considering it, mostly because I don't like the musical selection in it, and that's a pretty big issue with a music game...

We left after a few games of Amplitude (I won one match on Normal difficulty despite having not played the game at all, but was killed in the higher difficulties). Josh, Kevyn, and I stopped off at a 7-Eleven before I dropped them off at their houses, though Kevyn was housesitting for someone else at the moment. I like how that particular 7-Eleven had me standing in front of the hot dogs for over 3 minutes before they realized I wanted a hot dog.

Other than that, I haven't done much, as usual... I think I've hit a stonewall in pop'n music again. I had to give Ii hito (Lover's Pop) EX some 20 tries before I finally cleared it, and barely. --;; That's only a 33, too... Love^2 Sugar (Eurobeat) hyper pretty much kicked my ass too, and I only beat it by clearing the Expert course it was on (coming into the song with a full gauge, and having 4 bars left by the end). Argh.

And you might be wondering what this post's title is about... it's just a reminder to myself to pick up the Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line single at some point. I couldn't care less about the Chrno Crusade anime (it sounds like fun, but a rental at best), but I really like the song. ^^;

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March 13, 2004
No, not interested in genital enlargements...

I doubt anyone noticed, but the site has now been hit by the same comment spam 4 times. This is a big problem with Movable Type installations, with spammers searching for mt-comments.cgi on Google, then inserting random comments with their links in order to increase their PageRank. (I could have sworn that my robots.txt disallows indexing of my entire cgi-bin, which would have kept me immune to this problem...) By the third time I was hit, I noticed simple IP banning wouldn't work, since while it was the exact same text and poster name, the IP was different every time.

So, I investigated a few options, and found SCode and MT-Blacklist. I found SCode first while searching through the MT Plugin directory, but it proved too complex to try and install GD and its dependencies to get it to work. Luckily, SCode had a trackback that linked to this list, where I found out about MT-Blacklist. I did install that (after finding I needed to install the Storable perl module), and quickly testing it myself, it works great. It's less of a hack than SCode is, too - SCode involves manually editing parts of the MT source code, which also means it would have to be patched back in after every upgrade. I'm not sure if I'm going to bother with it.

Other than the war on spam, not much happening. I did, on the recommendation of some people on the Bemanistyle forums, go out to Guitar Center and picked up a keyboard stand to put my pop'n music ASC on... unfortunately, the shape and width of the ASC is a little too small to properly support itself on the stand, which has no surface of its own. The stand seems to work great for Ransai controllers, though...

Tomorrow is the now-traditional FF:CC night at Dave's apartment. Probably bringing over Neko no ongaeshi to watch, but I don't know how many people are actually going to see it...

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March 10, 2004
Wedding peachy...

Yesterday, Super GALS 5 finally came in, 13 days after it shipped. Guess what went into the DVD player first? ^^;

Abenobashi 3 and Wedding Peach 1+box+bonus disc+beach ball also came in. That didn't take nearly as long to get here >.> Going to check out Wedding Peach in a bit... can't watch Abenobashi 3 since 2 isn't here yet --;;

Not much more going on - I found out my spring break is next week (gee, remember when that would be one of the first things I would look up on the calendar?) so I get a whole week to do absolutely nothing.

Yeah, I probably should go job hunting.

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March 06, 2004
Hands... hurting...

Too much button smash hurts. Sometimes more than too much arrow smash hurts. But button smash is far more fun anyways.

I'm thinking of going back to pop'n 7 and 8 to pick off some songs I probably wasn't able to do well before. Considering I seem to have hit a stonewall in progress again, maybe switching mixes again would be good.

Classes actually doing pretty good. Despite cramming for a test for only 3 or 4 hours in the morning I had to take it, I managed to ace it - and it was an essay test, too. o.O I went and checked, and noticed I did get several facts wrong, but the professor either didn't notice or didn't care. In the other class, I didn't do so well, but I'm not doing horrible either - nothing that can't be pulled up.

Apparently, Saturday has become Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles night. I'm probably heading out in an hour or so, after I get showered and stuff. The game does look fun when you have a full load of people playing it - but I can't imagine it being very good at all if you have to play it single-player. So, I probably won't buy it, either. (Same reason I didn't buy Halo - it's only fun if you play it multiplayer, so why bother owning a copy?)

Did finally watch Mimi o Sumaseba - reminded me why I love Ghibli movies. It was quite unlike Neko no Ongaeshi (which I saw at Anthony's house after Otakon last year), but I like Mimi a lot better. Neko was a lot of fun, but Mimi gave better depth to the characters. I might have to buy the DVD off Dave. =P

I might need to hunt for a job soon. I haven't had any income for 2 months now, and my money pile is slowly dwindling away. Plus, I already need to ask my mom to pay the tax hit because I don't have enough money for it - I'll have to pay it back when I actually get more income. A new project would solve the problem for now, but then I run into the same problem next year...

I wonder why my copy of Super GALS DVD5 isn't here... it shipped out on the 25th of last month. x_X

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