April 12, 2004
The obligatory con report...

Since I have remarkably bad luck with writing these things after putting them off, I'm going to do it right now, before I'm even unpacked. Of course, I've already forgotten a ton of things that happened, so this probably isn't much better.

So, since I've spent well over an hour writing this, it reads much like a novel, so I am placing this entry into the extended text area. You'll need to click through to read it.

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Back from AB, and I haven't accessed the damage to my finances yet. But it was certainly far more than I anticipated. I did some of the largest amount of dealers' room shopping since AX last year. ^^;;

Well, I'll get some photos up later. The AB photos are probably going to go through a screening process first, because very few of them are actually suitable for public eyes. >.> More on that later, though...

And yes, I was tired enough to mispell "assessed" above.

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April 07, 2004

Heading to Anime Boston whenever Krellion gets here and is ready to leave (and if I actually get the packing and errands I still need to do done first). I'm -really- tired right now from very little sleep, and I might crash for a few extra hours, even though it's a very bad idea considering my timetable today.

I did check out Konomini the other day, and I pretty much did like it... although I'd like it more if it didn't have its Devilman-like transformations. Hikari's way cute. ^^ I still need to check out Aishiteru Ze Baby, and -maybe- I'll actually watch the first ep of Tenjou Tenge before I leave.

Also saw the new Mirumo opening (by Parquets) and ending (by Sana)!

But anyways, if you have my cell, you can call me up if you're going to AB too, or whatever... I anticipate I'm going to be spending more money than expected there too, especially with the five night hotel stay across two different rooms x_x

And yeah, this entry is really disjointed because I'm that tired. And I'm making typos every other word and constantly having to correct them. Yeah, I definitely need more sleep.

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April 05, 2004
I'll spare the "hand" jokes...

So, fully intending to only check out the OP, I ended up watching the entire first episode of Midori no Hibi, rather than sleeping. I think it had something to do with the OP being 6 minutes in, rather than right in the beginning. >.>

I've heard it was really funny from the people that had read the manga beforehand, but I wasn't really expecting a whole lot from it. Surprisingly, it was quite a bit of fun, and even had a couple sweet moments. Of course, I still don't care for the lead male character at all - Midori is the only person moving the show along for me. That's kinda bad, since Seiji is more than half of the show, but I'll keep checking it out for now. Maybe we'll see some development in his way-too-generic character yet.

Tomorrow, I'll probably check out Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai (This Ugly and Beautiful World). This one I know nothing about, aside from being GAINAX, so that'll be an interesting watch.

Bleh, and I thought I was done with the anime watching for a while... and the new season has just barely started --;;

And by the way, fried shrimp are good. Grilled shrimp are good. Kinda iffy on the coconut shrimp (just like the fried, but with coconut pieces sprinkled into the batter, it seems), and I still don't like shrimp having been soaked in butter. (I have a generic dislike of butter.) And yeah, that was a pretty appetizing dinner.

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April 04, 2004
The hour that ran away...

So, yeah, the daylight savings thing happened, and despite sleeping an hour early, I woke up at the same time (kinda).

Guests are here, house is fairly cleaned up, etc... nothing much happened other than that, as we went to pick them up, eat out for dinner, come back, and have them go out again. I -was- going to be doing something else, but I didn't hear anything from Dave, so I had to assume he wasn't home. >.>

At least I did get to watch Last Exile DVD3 and Yume-mahou DVD3. Wee, another box complete. ^^;;

Now to fix this script so Asumi isn't fighting off Metroids...

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April 02, 2004
April again...

Thank goodness that horrible, horrible excuse of a day is over. April Fools was fun once, when people knew how to make tasteful, amusing gags. These days, only Google knows how to do it right. The rest of the internet was a complete crapfest and I pretty much avoided it all.

Of course, CN's little stunt on Adult Swim was quite hilarious too, if not a bit childish. I taped part of it on the repeat run, and I'm thinking of vidcapping it at some point, maybe.

So, yeah, that's pretty much all I intended to write. Have to clean the rest of the house now... and I still haven't had anything to eat. >.>

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