November 27, 2004
Breakdown of the week...

Tuesday: Nothing happened, really. Went to campus, started trying to finish some stuff for Astro, ate at Mama Wok's, and went home.

Wednesday: Tentative plans for movie-watching with Kevin and Hanna. Went over to Kevin's house, played some IIDX, Ultramix 2, Katamari, Smash Bros. Melee, and who knows what else. Movie didn't happen. Got back home late, about an hour before cousins (George, Angela, Andrew) arrived. Stayed up until around 6 or 7am.

Thursday: Played stuff. Some family friends of George's came over too, they brought their Xbox and Halo 2, and played that. Ate Thanksgiving dinner. Played more stuff, then slept.

Friday: When I woke up, George and Andrew had unearthed my SNES and were playing Secret of Mana. I seem to have lost my two 1st party SNES controllers and Super Bomberman 4 though >.> We were stuck on my 3rd party controllers, but at least we found my multitap. Played, ate, played some more, then I had to shower and leave for work. Apparently, George and Andrew kept playing Secret of Mana until they went out to eat dinner. o.O I got two calls on my cell during work after they got back from dinner asking how to switch the TV to the Xbox. When I got back, we went back to playing Secret of Mana, encountering several crash glitches. We stopped when we got stuck in the Dryad Mana Seed stage after completing the entire island and not saving. Man, the game is great, but it has some of the crappiest bugs I've ever seen in a console game.

Saturday: Got up early to see cousins off. George's family friends are still here, and are probably going to be spending the day in DC. I'm waiting to see if Kevin and Hanna are going to try to see movie-type thing again today, but for now, I need more sleep, so that's the end of this entry/despamming session. >.>

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November 22, 2004
Still not done...

I really should keep on top of spam tracking, but it's kind of hard when I still haven't finished rebuilding the PC. I'm done with the hardware end, except for one internal audio cable that needs to be flipped around. But it's taking me a while to get the software up and running.

This weekend was interesting, though.

On Friday, I couldn't make it to the store before the mall closed, but I still got my copy of UltraMix 2. ^^ After a bank deposit run, I went on to Chris's house for the night, where we ended up unlocking everything in Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution before going to sleep o.O Yeah, that was unexpected.

Saturday morning was when the real fun began, though... we headed over to the Pak's old place, had a breakfast of Burger King Croissanwiches and hash browns, and began helping them move the large objects into the rental truck to go to their new place. This process took quite a bit of time, but there were so many people that we couldn't always use everyone at the same time. There's only so many people that can fit through the door and onto the loading ramp for the truck...

Some interesting photos and movies were taken in the process. Maybe I'll upload them someday.

After the truck was packed with as much large stuff as we could manage to gather up, it was closed up and we all headed out to the new place, with Chris, Billy, David, and Brice riding with Kevin, and Clara, Hanna, and I riding with Pakman. (Their parents took the truck over a bit later.) We arrived about an hour later, and spent some time trying to find a place to order pizza. We then proceeded with the unloading when the truck arrived.

Eventually, the unloading was done, and we started the night with Capcom Fighting Evolution and Monopoly, which I won by default when everyone else decided they didn't want to play anymore. I'm not sure if I've actually won a round of Monopoly before. o.O By then, Kevin had headed out with Clara and Hanna, and Billy had gone home (I forget who he went home with). When Kevin got back, the Super Smash Bros. Melee and the sleeping proceeded. (Yay for Giant Battle with only Super Mushrooms!) I ended up sleeping the latest, taking in a couple of Marmalade Boy episodes before crashing.

In the morning, after some Morgan Freeman fun in the garage, we got some breakfast/lunch (once again courtesy of Burger King), played more fighters, watched the rest of box 2 disc 1 of Marmalade Boy (*melt*), and piled into the car and headed out. Chris and I ended up wandering around Starland for a while before getting lost on the way to trying to find the bagel place Billy works at. Eventually, the three of us end up going from Best Buy, Gamestop, and finally Pandora's in search of Rumble Roses, then back to Chris's house to try it out and wait for a group dinner thing. Mikey also comes over, and we end up playing Capcom Fighting Jam and 3rd Strike for a while too.

Unfortunately, the dinner takes place really late, as it turns out Pakman took the rental truck for a second run while we were out. We ended up arriving at an IHOP in Vienna at 10pm, to get out when the restaurant closed at 11. I ended up not getting home until midnight after getting ridiculously lost trying to get back to I-495 from the IHOP, and end up just crashing for the night.

Yeah, today kinda sucked. Way too little sleep and way too much to do. Not going to get into it, since it's taken me an hour to despam and write this entry, and I have other things I want to get to tonight before I go get a decent amount of sleep for once... hopefully.

And I still haven't finished installing everything on the PC yet. >.> At least the weekend itself was pretty fun...

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November 13, 2004
Further progress...

I went ahead and bought the new mobo a couple days back. Still waiting for it to ship, but it should be here early next week. My job at Waldenbooks got finalized too, so I'll be going in today for training, and on Thursday for my first day selling calendars. The timing could have been a little tighter, but oh well...

Been playing a -ton- of Katamari Damacy. I've gotten all the comets, Eternal stages, and Royal Presents. Haven't finished the collection though, or gotten the really big bear or cow for Ursa Major or Taurus. I'm probably going to get back to playing .hack now though, and see if I can finally beat the series.

Of course, when November 18th rolls around, you know what I'll be playing...

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November 11, 2004
New mobo... yet again...

So, as I noted on LiveJournal, the lock-up problem I've been having with the current ASRock mobo has gone from an inconvenience to a problem that renders the system pretty much unusable. The system is now locking up an average of six times a week, whether or not I'm actually at the keyboard. With that kind of rate, it's pretty much useless for even everyday tasks like webbrowsing, where it'll lock-up trying to launch the web browser.

Barring any major objections, the mobo I'm probably going for this time is the Abit NF7-S, as it was recommended on channel (and NOT by the person that recommended the ASRock in the first place). It's quite a bit pricier than I wanted, but it seems to have a lot of nice features, and the onboard sound is good enough to the point that I can probably go without adding in my Sound Blaster Live! Value.

It's a good thing Waldenbooks seemed very interested in hiring more seasonal temps... though I think I'll still look into Sharper Image and Chevy Chase Bank if I don't hear back from them again soon.

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November 08, 2004

Cleaned another few hundred comment spams. The previously-discussed method of closing old entries seems to be the best way to fight it, but I haven't had the time to implement it.

Of course, today was my last day working my now-former job, so I should have more time from now on. Though the mall stores are eager for seasonal temps, as always...

Of course, I'll probably end up playing more Katamari Damacy instead. Which I think I'll do in a few minutes...

Oh yeah, and my PMM Trance Album came in today. Limited edition 22 of 1000. I wanted a single-digit number, too. =p

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November 01, 2004
Six hour drives are fun...

Besides having to drive there and back after spending so little time up there, it was fun. Played some stuff at Jared's house, slept in our motel room, ate lunch at KFC, went to the wedding, finally met James, and left to go home right after the wedding.

I'll write about it more in-depth later... maybe. =p Sleep is now...

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