March 19, 2005
Over for now...

As of this past Thursday afternoon, I'm on spring break!

... not that I'm going to be doing much. I had wanted to get in on the pillows concert at Knitting Factory in NYC after discovering that it indeed took place during my spring break, but I found out that the tickets were all sold out. So, probably no big trips.

I just hope to spend more time with a few friends over the next week. And -maybe- do a little of the writing I'm supposed to do over the break. Just maybe.

I still have to write up about lots of stuff that happened in the past month and a half too, like how I proved how badly I suck at bowling at Strike Long Island. It'll have to wait because I'm going to be heading to Dave's apartment in a minute for his going-away party, as he's moving back to Pennsylvania next week.

And I'm a good little referral whore, so I'll point out that the DreamHost Triple Bandwidth/Storage sale ends on March 20... maybe. They wouldn't be silly enough to extend it for a third time... right? o.O

And yes, the Battle Angel DVD auction ends tomorrow night. Please help me out and bid if you're interested!

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March 11, 2005
eBay auctions, part one...

Some of you might remember my anime DVD sales that I was starting... last year. It's very much overdue, but I've finally begun. Just one auction for now, but I may add a few more on Sunday.

And the item isn't even one that was on the original list: Battle Angel (Gunnm) DVD. Rare, out of print, and in damn near perfect condition. I bought one of the last copies TRSI had, watched it once, then let it sit on a shelf for some two or three years. So I figured it might as well do me some good now.

I kind of wish I had left it sealed. Oh well...

And as a consequence of trying to pursue the maximum profit from this, I've upgraded my PayPal account to Premier so I can now accept credit card payments. Of course, now I can't receive money without PayPal taking a cut...

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March 05, 2005
Bandwidth use...

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

Yeah. What I expected to be a short fad turned into... a longer-lived fad. Before the load balancing system of mirrors was implemented, people were pulling up to 35gb a day, all for one 1.4mb Flash game. Crazy.

I'll keep hosting it as long as I can (and the load balancing should help), but if I don't get any donations for hosting or if the bandwidth load doesn't drop much, I might have to take things down for a while.

Oh, and how's life? Lots and lots of schoolwork to finish, I've been going to Chris's house with Alison for several Saturdays straight, and on Thursday I had an interesting trip down to the Chevy Chase Bank HQ to apply for a part-time or peak-time teller position. (That $80 that the ATM didn't give me is pretty much gone now - the relevant people don't even bother responding to me anymore. I'm only applying for a job because they have tons of openings and they pay remarkably well for part-time work.) I'll have to elaborate on all that some other day...

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