August 15, 2005
And yet another IP change...

Just as I was getting used to (so easy to remember too!), it's gone. In less than two weeks even.


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August 02, 2005
Running silent...

And the only thing that brings me back is that this is the first thing I'm doing since losing my internet connection for a little less than a week.

A lot of things have happened the past few months, but I've simply chosen to either update LiveJournal about it, or not update about it at all, because LJ is easier to update but I don't like to put more in-depth journal entries in there. I prefer to have them here, where people are more likely to look only if they are actually interested in these entries.

So, in a nutshell, I've changed jobs again, now working as a technician (for a slight pay increase). I went to the Mid-Atlantic Bemanithon 2 this past Sunday with Maizie. I've resolved myself to transfer to UMBC by Spring 2006, and graduate by Spring 2008. (We'll see how well that works.) I went to AX. I banged up my car, but managed to fix it without breaking budget.

Can't think of anything else. And AX I definitely have to elaborate on... but later, and it probably won't be very detailed since it did happen a month ago. >.>

And since I lost my old IP in the cable outage, I have to do the RIP routine:, I'll miss you too. (Dang it, I had finally memorized it...)

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