April 25, 2003
Bedtime story...

[22:49] <Chris_Beveridge> hm, now what to do.
[22:50] * Lise sits in front of Chris, wide-eyed. "Tell me a story!"
[22:50] <NekoKoneko> pick your nose!
[22:50] <Jinnai> chris: tell her a story about a cell phone
[22:50] * Jinnai seems to remember chris mentioning a novel use for one earlier
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> lo
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> l
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> ok
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> so there's this woman.
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> she has a problem.
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> being brought up ina very straight laced family, she was forced to be the good girl through all things.
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> so one day, she ends up becoming a tutor while in college
[22:51] <Chris_Beveridge> but her pupil is more interested in having his way with her, which he does.
[22:52] <jnik> COLLEGE or college?
[22:52] <Chris_Beveridge> So now, years later, she's very tightly controlled about herself.
[22:52] <Chris_Beveridge> college
[22:52] * Lise opens her eyes WIDE and OOOOOOOHs
[22:52] <Chris_Beveridge> But, now that she's a teacher herself, the sight of all these boys studying makes her very hot.
[22:52] <Chris_Beveridge> This doesn't go unnoticed by the ever alert school doctor
[22:52] <Chris_Beveridge> Herself an intersting woman.
[22:52] <Chris_Beveridge> So
[22:52] <Chris_Beveridge> She begins her plans to help rehabilitate the poor teacher
[22:53] <Chris_Beveridge> One of these methods includes having her place digital cell phones, set to vibrate, in her panties as well as taped to her nipples.
[22:53] <Chris_Beveridge> And then she gives the phones to students to call her with
[22:53] <raz_laptop> hahahaha
[22:53] <Chris_Beveridge> But that's just one method this poor teacher has to use to become a normal member of society.
[22:53] <Jinnai> this is rehabilitation?
[22:53] <Chris_Beveridge> The end.
[22:53] <StarCreator|timies> o.O
[22:53] <Jinnai> and wouldn't you notice the cell phones on the nipples
[22:53] <Lise> must have been very small phones
[22:53] <Jinnai> not something you could exactly wear under a shirt
[22:53] <StarCreator|timies> is that the kind of story you tell amethyst at night? o.O
[22:53] * StarCreator|timies runs
[22:54] <Chris_Beveridge> Lise, it's japan. of course they're small phones
[22:54] <Lise> Okay then
[22:54] <NekoKoneko> star: :D
[22:54] <Chris_Beveridge> StarCreator|timies, no, she gets the chobits stories
[22:54] <NekoKoneko> lucky ame-chan!!!!
[22:54] <NekoKoneko> although that would freak the poor child out...

Tomorrow's the triple birthday party... have to work an 8 hour shift, but I'll drop by Ek's place after we close. Have to drop off the birthday present... =P

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April 16, 2003

Krellion should be getting here any second now... it's about 2 hours past when he said he'd be around, and I had Mariela call him to ask where he was - turned out, he was about 10 minutes away.

So, cya guys on Monday... ^^;

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And it's daylight...

Yep, spent another sleepness night. Yay.

I -just- gave up on trying to fix the half-assed diagram I made - there's simply no more time. And yes, I really did work/stare at it for the entire time since I wrote that last entry.

NOW I'm getting to sleep, but in about 2 hours my mom is going to wake me up to mow the lawn. -_-

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The day before the con always sucks...

Well, today pretty much sucked. Tomorrow had better be a lot better.

Got up too late to run errands with a safe buffer of time, but I had to run them anyways. Tried to catch Patty before she left MC... failed. Ran to Bloomingdales to see if they had a smaller size PJ shirt... they didn't. Ran to Suncoast at Montgomery to pick up paycheck and the rest of the Ghibli movies... took far too long when the markdown code for free Mononoke acted up. Got stuck in traffic on the way back, so I ended up going to Rockville BB to look for GBA games and HDD. They had the HDD, but no GBA games I wanted, so that was a complete waste of time. By then, it was half an hour away from class and I still had to go home to get my books. And the diagram still wasn't finished. And traffic was still packed. ARGH.

Well, I returned home, fetched my books, and proceeded not to go to class. -_- Went to Gaithersburg Best Buy to quickly get the GBA games and HDD (AB supplies, because I'd go insane up there without either of these items). I ended up getting Metroid Fusion and Megaman Zero - no Yoshi's Island at Gaithersburg, either. I was also talked into getting a $20 more expensive drive that had an 8mb buffer instead of a 2mb buffer. I used the emergency credit card since my bank account is low, again... that's going to get me in trouble next month. Anyways, after that, I went to the MC computer lab to try to finish the diagram.

Well, I got closer to finishing. Not quite, though. I'll do that tonight before I go to sleep.

I did at least manage to go to Dave's and drop off .hack//Infection (he's borrowing it since I'm so thoroughly done with it) and his ZoE2 OST I imported for him. We listened to pieces of the OST, and I played a little of my .hack save. Geez, I forget controls fast. I probably suck ass at KH now, too.

Now, I need to shower and pack, finish the diagram, and sleep early enough so I can mow the lawn before Krelly arrives to pick me up. It's not over yet. -_-

Well, hopefully I've absorbed enough bad luck today that AB will happen with no consequence. ^^;

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April 12, 2003

Amusingly, I still do not own any games for my GBA SP.

Today, because dlw is going to host a pajama party at Anime Boston, Kevyn and I went to White Flint to buy pajamas. In Kevyn's words, "this is the gayest moment of my life." =P Well, I now own pajamas that I don't even know are the right size or not. At least they were marked as 25% off, but apparently they were really 50% off.

Been playing a lot of Soul Calibur II - I'm still decent at best, but I'm getting better at GI-ing and dodging attacks. We even had a ping-pong GI battle today. I still lost, but it was fun. =P

On the HnK end, I'm attempting to encode Gakkou no Kaidan ep5 as XviD. Hopefully this'll turn out well... my only previous experiments with XviD were for encoding the SC2 opening and a whole bunch of PVs.

On the ADV end, I'm still on that three-movie trilogy that should have its existance wiped from the face of the earth. It's not a difficult job but the just plain RETARDED dialogue forces me to stop many times and bang my head against the table. I'll get this finished before AB at least. But there's no hope of getting the check for this last movie in time for the con...

I'm also back to doing CD Japan importing... tomorrow morning, more stuff like ZoE2 and DDR EX soundtracks come in... the rest of the Hikki PV compilation DVDs... and I decided to cave in and import the first volume of Saishuuheiki Kanojo. I'm importing another series on R2... god help me -_-

I also have to go to work and work double the length of time I'm used to working - the last two days I requested off, I was shortchanged out of due to management messing something or another up. I did get the shifts covered, but with no compensation. For the latest screwup (he scheduled me on the ONE day I have evening class), he decided to give me a 2-close shift on Saturday. More hours is appreciated, but not continuously ^^;

I get to find out if I actually got my time off for AB, too. Tomorrow we'll see if I actually get to go or not. Though, even if I don't get the time off, I'll have to get people to cover the shifts... again. I'll call people from other stores if I have to.

Well, it's a little too late to be staying up if I have an early shift tomorrow, so oyasumi~...

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April 08, 2003

Hmm. Let's sum up the past couple of weeks...

IIDX. Soul Calibur II.

I think that about does it ^^;

I have all but one item unlocked - presumably, the console version opening. Reports on how to unlock it seem quite varied...

Oh yeah. I did buy a GBA SP, but no games for it... and cmcm should have finished my DMS3-modded PS2 by now...

Since I still haven't quite finished the site development, I'll just post this link banner here...


Hmm. That was bigger than I thought it would be. o.O Do check them out, though...

joebar pointed out that I don't have my email prominently listed here on the site... I'm still kinda afraid to put it up for fear of it becoming like my Juno acct, with its average of 60 spams/day... it's not hard to figure out, just add "stc" to the domain...

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