August 24, 2004
Insert blazing fist!...

So, yeah, I have no clue what this post's title is supposed to mean either.

In addition to the birthday party from last week, on Sunday we went to Bennigans to celebrate the actual birthday this time. I assume the party was held a week early because of some people going off to college.

Yeah, we had them do the birthday song thing. There is no other reason to have a birthday dinner at Bennigans.

After that, a bunch of us ended up going to Chris's house to play Super Smash Bros. Melee and 3rd Strike.

I also ended up finding out that my "indestructable" glasses were anything but, as they are now split quite evenly down the middle. Apparently, that piece had lost much of its flexibility over the past year, and it just snapped apart. I'm not too annoyed, considering if it happened now, then it would have eventually happened anyways. I don't do the stress-reliever thing with my glasses too often, but they do get bent up if I fall asleep and roll over them, which has been happening a lot lately...

If I get new glasses (which is likely, since the taped-up frame thing doesn't really suit me), I'll probably just opt for standard spring-hinges. The flex-titanium thing was fun, but not worth the price, especially if they lose their flexibility as quick as one year after purchase.

Anyways, after some unsuccessful attempts at a permanent solution (note - lead solder doesn't stick to titanium), most of the people left, leaving Chris, Ek, and myself to do random stuff. I ended up taking a nap until 2am or so, and staying up until nearly 5:30am when I decided I should head back home.

There's a surprising amount of traffic on I-395 and I-495 at 5:30am. I would have thought people wouldn't really start hitting the interstates until 6 or 6:30... though, I-270 wasn't too busy yet.

Other than that, there hasn't been much going on other than working, sleeping, timing/editing/un-WTF-ing on Spica, etc... I know I still need to finish the Otakon entries, which will probably be brief at this point since it's been so long since the convention already. But, have to sleep soon, so it won't be tonight either. =p

Oh yeah, and I restarted the automatic Blacklist update script. It actually was quite trivial to reactivate - just had to touch up the cron line a bit to make it work. I did adjust it so now it updates twice a week instead of once, since the spammers have been a fair bit more aggressive lately. Hopefully, that'll be enough to put an end to the problem now... it wasn't fun cleaning up the gigantic mess the last two attacks left, and thankfully, I didn't find the problem when I logged in this time. (I did see quite a few blocked attempts on the activity log, though...)

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August 19, 2004
Gone wireless...

After several very annoying quirks about Netgear's setup procedures, and several more hours than planned, we finally got wireless set up in my house. Thanks to Kevyn and Josh for spending a few hours over trying to help me out. So I'm doing this update from my bedroom on the 2nd floor with a 64% signal strength at 24mbps (not a strong enough signal to get full 54mbps, but I can work on that some other time).

This does pose a question, though... the computer I primarily use is now in my bedroom, while the webcam is still (mispointed) downstairs in the basement... does anyone really care if they can't see me? I'm thinking of maybe buying another webcam and provide both views, but I'm not so sure if that's a good idea, since the new webcam would also have a clear view of my bed...

And yeah, I know, I still need to write up the rest of Otakon, even though half of the details are forgotten by now. It'll be when I get more time to do it... >.>

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August 17, 2004
Stab stab stab...

So I had a repeat of the experience from the last posting. Spammers need to be fucking struck down by lightning, then their remains sent into the sun.

The party was fun, lots of good food and hanging out with people I haven't seen in ages. Or ever.

Remember the vertigo case from last year? My mom woke up with similar symptoms this morning, and we went through similar ridiculous waits trying to get medical attention. The problems started at 9am. At about 12pm, we call in to Kaiser to try and make an appointment to see a doctor about the symptoms, and we're told they will call back. At 1:30pm, they call back telling us to call THEM back at 3pm to make an appointment. (Upon calling them back to ask why the hell such a ridiculous demand was made of us, we were told it was because an after-hours appointment was required if we wanted attention today, and the schedules for those appointments aren't available until around that time.) Calling back at 3pm (which makes the 4th time calling Kaiser, and 6 hours after the problems started), we are told that there are appointments available at 6:00, 6:30, and 7:30. While I was told this, the 6:00 and 6:30 appointments were taken, so we were left with no choice but the 7:30.

At 7:25, we're at Kaiser (and not the one we normally go to, but one a bit farther away because they had after-hours care), and waiting. It was over half an hour before we're called out of the waiting room, and another half hour after the nurse's standard inspection that we actually see a doctor... that literally takes 2 minutes to write up a perscription for Antivert, of which we still had plenty of at home from last year. So, we spent over 11 hours to get something we already had in the first place. >.> At least the OTC variant they had are chewable...

Yeah, I'm annoyed enough at the incessant spam attacks that I don't really feel like writing an entry anymore. Probably going to vent in the direction of the PS2 now.

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August 14, 2004
Not fun...

Just wiped some 20 to 30 spam entries that made it through the blacklist. I only left it unattended for a week or so, too. >.>

You might have guessed that I haven't had much time to update or do much else other than work and other things lately. Last weekend I spent some time at SF and Kp's place (but with no Kp of course), and this weekend I'll probably end up at SF again and going to a birthday party tomorrow. And of course, I have work on the weekdays...

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August 04, 2004
Umm... yeah, Otakon was last week...

What's with all the people searching for Saikano images on my site all of a sudden? All I ever posted were photos of the limited edition game package, and you can find better pics of that anywhere else.

Anyways, I have to be at work in about an hour, but I'm going to see if I can get the events of the past week summarized before then. I'll probably have to stop in the middle and finish later. (Right now I have a free moment, as Curtis and Laura have gone into DC somewhere to do the touristing thing.)

It's long, so I'm going to make you click-through to see it. Even though I only got through Friday's events. I'll get to the rest later. And remember, you can see my pictures of Otakon in the gallery!

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